Meet Ramsey


Growing up in New York then New Jersey - whether in school or at home - I would find stray paper & draw.

RD - SP - MC 2019.png

I would design cars, clothes, sneakers, logos, sports name it. I created imaginary companies that I planned to one day own - so I could give my own take on these fields. 

I loved the feel of designing - shapes, angles & emotions interacting to give the viewer an experience - it spoke to me on visceral level. 

As I got older, I became more fascinated with how design served as a mode of communication - & how the 5 senses all seemed connected in communicating & perceiving ideas, feelings & messages to & with others.

Just like how in a song - lyrics & sound synchronize & work together to generate an overall idea - something visual in your mind, and thus, collectively, an experiential feeling, all at once - so too do language and aesthetics synchronize to create an idea, a feeling and experience for others.

Being able to take this abstract feeling (you or your company's personality), reverse engineer it, and put it back together with the tools of aesthetic & linguistic communication, & then accurately convey it to the public - is basically how I interpret what is commonly known as branding. 

It's like making a song for the public about a service or product, with alternative instruments.

Style Prism is my band, & with it I express who you are.