Digital Communications

Style Prism is a digital communications company that helps organizations create or improve their branding, design and marketing concepts. 

We believe in a humanistic approach when relating to customers. Indeed, since your company is a reflection of who you are - it must be conveyed to your customers.

These human qualities that emanate from your company must be properly communicated through language, design & emotion.

You are not marketing something, you are someone in a relationship.


Our Services



We convey - with emotion, language & design - the approach, ethos & personality of your company or practice to the public.

We develop a consistent, relatable & authentic identity for you to express to your customers.


Custom Coding

We apply front-end coding languages to your website - making it one-of-a-kind.


Graphic Design

With fluency in the Adobe Suite, we can design you beautiful logos, flyers, business cards & digital graphics.


Our Process



We Engage You

To learn about you, your business, what inspired you to create it & also your vision moving forward.



We Create You

Through our conversations, we put your personality, vision & values through the creative process - attempting to communicate your business culture through language & design.



We Express You

Once we’ve completed our side, we run it by you to see how you like it. We make any necessary adjustments & then convey your business, digitally to the world.



We Stay in Touch

We want to work with you as you pivot, make adjustments & grow.

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